Where you are.

“Photograph the place you live. You may be the only one to ever do it.”

I can’t remember where I first heard these words; maybe an inspirational Insta reel or a photo blog.

I do know they resonated with me.

There are so many photos of destination hotspots, remote locations and natural beauty, but what about the places we know best? The house down the street. That one tree that demands a stop on every walk. The way the light posts line up two roads over.

What about the places that really mean something to you?

The first place you walked alone. Where you were when you got that important call. The path you took to decompress after that brutal day so, you didn’t bring it home.

To me, photos of my neighbourhood come with a special kind of nostalgia, a warm but distant memory. They bring a sombre familiar tone, like an old friend who never left even though I did.

Places both changed forever and timeless in memory, bearing the weight and scars you earned since your first steps there.

So, take photos of where you are.

No one else knows it quite like you.